Information Regarding Roofing Services Performed by Rescue Roofing:


 **COVID-19 Shingle Impact Notice:**

Due to COVID-19, there is a material shortage for shingles. Please allow 2-8 weeks after your material order has been placed for materials to arrive for all roof replacement services.

This is universal for all roofing supplies brands including: Owens Corning, GAF, Tamko, Certainteed, Atlas and IKO.

Our schedule is typically 2-6 weeks out on replacements at this time for this reason.

Availability is dependent on brand and color choice. Please call our office if you have any questions at 813.661.ROOF 7663.

*Materials are not ordered until we receive a signed contract and deposit due to supply house restocking fees.

COVID -19 Permit Impact Notice:

COVID-19 has impacted our community and many individuals are working from home at this time. For this reason, permit processing can take anywhere from 1-14 weeks, depending on your county and their application processing time. This is for roof replacement services.

Please allow us time to submit your application to the county and time for them to process it for the permit.

Every county has different processing times. Some counties are listed below:

*Processing times may vary during busy season May-August

-Pasco County *1-5 days

-Hillsborough County *1-5 days

-City of Tampa *1-5 days

-Pinellas County *1-2 weeks (Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, Seminole, St.Pete, Clearwater, etc)

-Hernando County *2-16 weeks (Brooksville)

For other counties, please visit your local building permit office or call our office for more info.

****Notice of Commencement***


A Notice of commencement is required on every roof replacement project. 

Your Notice of commencements (NOC) must be Received 7 days prior to your roof install.

If you do not see your notice of commencement 1 week after being scheduled for your roof replacement, please contact our office at 813-661-7663 to arrange an appointment to come and sign a notice of commencement in our office.

The NOC must be the original/ hard-copy. It needs to be signed and notarized by the homeowner and a notary. We write the NOC to reflect Property Appraisers information.

Please do not modify our document. If there is an issue with the prepared NOC, Please contact our office.

If we fail to receive your notice of commencement before your re-roof start date , we will need to push back roof your project, as it is required for the county in order to schedule roof inspections.

Please sign where
it says either “Signature of Owner or Lessee” or it will say “Signature of
natural person signing above”.  This will
be located at the bottom portion of the form.

                    *If both fields are listed
on your notice of commencement, please sign both lines. (i.e:                   Two signatures are required for Hillsborough

We have written
the NOC to match the property appraisers’ records. Do not modify this
  If your name has changed or ownership for the
site address reflected, please provide a copy of the name change or property

If you choose to
elect your own notary, fees may apply. You can find a local notary at most
banks or the UPS store. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our
office notary, please email or text 813.466.0073. *NOCS are only recorded by appointment at our

Please bring a
valid license/ form of identity to the appointment.

Please mail all documents,
and the original Notarized / Signed Notice of Commencements to:

Rescue Roofing

5132 Land O Lakes

STE 106

Land O Lakes, FL

Please mail in
the original signed form
! Do
not mail us a copy of it. 

Debit/Credit Card Processing Fees: Effective November 19, 2021

Fees: A 3% credit/debit card processing fee will apply to any payments made online using QuickBooks credit/ debit card transactions.

You agree to pay for the credit/debit card processor fee of 3% for any transactions paid towards your invoice(s). Fees are not waived and they do apply, unless stated otherwise on this contract. By signing this agreement you agree to these terms and conditions.

If you elect to pay your deposit online using credit/ debit, then the transaction fee will be applied to your final invoice. Card/Debit card transaction fees are nonrefundable. To avoid fees, please pay using an alternative option like cash, check or ACH online.

Wind Mitigation Certificate:

Rescue Roofing of Tampa, Inc., does not provide wind mitigation reports/certificates. We can refer you to a point of contact. Wind mitigations are needed to reduce your insurance premium once your roof has been replaced. The inspection report fee will range from $75-$150. *This fee is to be paid by the customer. Please contact 813.661.7663 or for referral info. *Fees apply unless specified otherwise on this contract

Property Damages:

*Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any cracking of drywall due to vibrations during the roofing construction process. This is a structural issue caused by the original builder and settling of trusses over the years. However, this is extremely rare and happens to less than 1% of roofing re-builds.

If the customer elects to reuse existing gutters, Rescue Roofing if not responsible for minor damages while detaching and resetting the reused gutters. Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any damages during the detaching process of solar panels. Rescue Roofing suggests electing a company to remove solar panels before our construction process. We prefer not to remove solar panels and Rescue Roofing will not reinstall solar panels after the construction process is completed.

Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any AC lines not ran to proper code or other structural components not ran to code.

Rescue Roofing is not responsible for property damages such as lights, fans, stucco, drywall, or other internal components inside the home due to the vibrations from re-nailing during the roofing process to repair trusses or the installation of the water barrier, wood decking or shingles (includes residential/commercial projects) . If damages do occur, please notify us so we are aware. This is often a defect from original builder or original installation.

If your new roof leaks due to faulty products after installation by Rescue Roofing and damages occur, such as water discoloration marks on the ceiling drywall, then Rescue Roofing will find a resolution to fix the damages , only if reported during the warranty period.

Rescue Roofing will assess any damages reported to the office that may have occurred during the time of construction to find a resolution if it was due to our crew. Our Office number is 813.661.ROOF 7663