Information Regarding Roofing Services Performed by Rescue Roofing:



****Notice of Commencement***


A Notice of commencement is required on every roof replacement project. 

Your Notice of commencements (NOC) must be Received 7 days prior to your roof install.

If you do not see your notice of commencement 1 week after being scheduled for your roof replacement, please contact our office at 813-661-7663 to arrange an appointment to come and sign a notice of commencement in our office.

The NOC must be the original/ hard-copy. It needs to be signed and notarized by the homeowner and a notary. We write the NOC to reflect Property Appraisers information.

Please do not modify our document. If there is an issue with the prepared NOC, Please contact our office.

If we fail to receive your notice of commencement before your re-roof start date , we will need to push back roof your project, as it is required for the county in order to schedule roof inspections.

Please sign where
it says either “Signature of Owner or Lessee” or it will say “Signature of
natural person signing above”.  This will
be located at the bottom portion of the form.

                    *If both fields are listed
on your notice of commencement, please sign both lines. (i.e:                   Two signatures are required for Hillsborough

We have written
the NOC to match the property appraisers’ records. Do not modify this
  If your name has changed or ownership for the
site address reflected, please provide a copy of the name change or property

If you choose to
elect your own notary, fees may apply. You can find a local notary at most
banks or the UPS store. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our
office notary, please email or text 813.466.0073. *NOCS are only recorded by appointment at our

Please bring a
valid license/ form of identity to the appointment.

Please mail all documents,
and the original Notarized / Signed Notice of Commencements to:

Rescue Roofing

5132 Land O Lakes

STE 106

Land O Lakes, FL

Please mail in
the original signed form
! Do
not mail us a copy of it. 

**COVID-19 Shingle Impact Notice:**

Due to COVID-19, there is a material shortage for shingles. Please allow 2-8 weeks after your material order has been placed for materials to arrive for all roof replacement services.

This is universal for all roofing supplies brands including: Owens Corning, GAF, Tamko, Certainteed, Atlas and IKO.

Our schedule is typically 2-6 weeks out on replacements at this time for this reason.

Availability is dependent on brand and color choice. Please call our office if you have any questions at 813.661.ROOF 7663.

*Materials are not ordered until we receive a signed contract and deposit due to supply house restocking fees.

COVID -19 Permit Impact Notice:

COVID-19 has impacted our community and many individuals are working from home at this time. For this reason, permit processing can take anywhere from 1-14 weeks, depending on your county and their application processing time. This is for roof replacement services.

Please allow us time to submit your application to the county and time for them to process it for the permit.

Every county has different processing times. Some counties are listed below:

*Processing times may vary during busy season May-August

-Pasco County *1-5 days

-Hillsborough County *1-5 days

-City of Tampa *1-5 days

-Pinellas County *1-2 weeks (Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, Seminole, St.Pete, Clearwater, etc)

-Hernando County *2-16 weeks (Brooksville)

For other counties, please visit your local building permit office or call our office for more info.

Debit/Credit Card Processing Fees: Effective November 19, 2021

Fees: A 3% credit/debit card processing fee will apply to any payments made online using QuickBooks credit/ debit card transactions.

You agree to pay for the credit/debit card processor fee of 3% for any transactions paid towards your invoice(s). Fees are not waived and they do apply, unless stated otherwise on this contract. By signing this agreement you agree to these terms and conditions.

If you elect to pay your deposit online using credit/ debit, then the transaction fee will be applied to your final invoice. Card/Debit card transaction fees are nonrefundable. To avoid fees, please pay using an alternative option like cash, check or ACH online.

Wind Mitigation Certificate:

Rescue Roofing of Tampa, Inc., does not provide wind mitigation reports/certificates. We can refer you to a point of contact. Wind mitigations are needed to reduce your insurance premium once your roof has been replaced. The inspection report fee will range from $75-$150. *This fee is to be paid by the customer. Please contact 813.661.7663 or for referral info. *Fees apply unless specified otherwise on this contract

Property Damages:

*Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any cracking of drywall due to vibrations during the roofing construction process. This is a structural issue caused by the original builder and settling of trusses over the years. However, this is extremely rare and happens to less than 1% of roofing re-builds.

If the customer elects to reuse existing gutters, Rescue Roofing if not responsible for minor damages while detaching and resetting the reused gutters. Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any damages during the detaching process of solar panels. Rescue Roofing suggests electing a company to remove solar panels before our construction process. We prefer not to remove solar panels and Rescue Roofing will not reinstall solar panels after the construction process is completed.

Rescue Roofing is not responsible for any AC lines not ran to proper code or other structural components not ran to code.

Rescue Roofing is not responsible for property damages such as lights, fans, stucco, drywall, or other internal components inside the home due to the vibrations from re-nailing during the roofing process to repair trusses or the installation of the water barrier, wood decking or shingles (includes residential/commercial projects) . If damages do occur, please notify us so we are aware. This is often a defect from original builder or original installation.

If your new roof leaks due to faulty products after installation by Rescue Roofing and damages occur, such as water discoloration marks on the ceiling drywall, then Rescue Roofing will find a resolution to fix the damages , only if reported during the warranty period.

Rescue Roofing will assess any damages reported to the office that may have occurred during the time of construction to find a resolution if it was due to our crew. Our Office number is 813.661.ROOF 7663

Retail Customer Contract Terms (out -of-pocket)

This Contract hereby certifies that all roof work performed under the scope of this contract will be performed in accordance with the requirements set forth by Florida Building Codes and the manufacturers of each component used.

Roof Repair Schedule:

On the day of your scheduled roof repair service, our crew will arrive around 8-9am to start the construction repair process.

Repair Information:

If you elect Rescue Roofing for a roof repair you must understand that due to age, wear and fading of existing roofing material (i.e. shingles or tile), we cannot guarantee an “Exact” match. All roofing repairs performed by Rescue Roofing that requires the tear off and reinstallation of new shingles or tile will be color matched as close as possible to the existing roofing material color. If your repair/preventative maintenance requires paint to complete the job, the homeowner may provide paint to guarantee an exact match, otherwise we will do our best to color match as close as possible to existing paint colors as well. We will do our best to ensure that a unified outcome and appearance is achieved. Previously used materials not installed by Rescue Roofing may affect the appearance of newly installed materials ( i.e. shingles, plywood, etc.)

If you decide a repair may not suffice, you may elect Rescue Roofing to perform a complete re roof (roof replacement).

Rescue Roofing agrees to respond to any notification of roofing leak, failure, or fault within the Workmanship Warranty outlined on your Agreement.

This roofing guarantee does not cover damage caused by natural causes, such as wind, hail, or lightning. Likewise, it does not cover damage by the homeowner, additional contractors, or any individual not employed by Rescue Roofing. Damage caused by these sources shall be the sole responsibility of the customer to remedy.

This document shall be the sole agreement between the Parties for the services described herein. No other promises, arrangements, or guarantees not specifically outlined here are valid.

Repair Wood Work Fees:

-Wood Work Fees Apply unless otherwise specified on this contract. 

Board Foot Calculations Example:

90’ of 1×6 fascia replaced –    90x1x6= 540 /12= 45 x 9.50 = 427.50 total wood charge

40’ of 2×4 replaced –                40x2x4= 320 /12= 26.66  x9.50=  253.33 total wood charge

Additional Material Costs: Additional material costs will be outlined on your estimate. 


*Paint is not included for roof items like wood or flashing unless specified otherwise on this contract.

Payment Deadline:

Customer agrees to pay the full amount indicated in this contract within 7 days of notification of project completion by Rescue Roofing . Failure to pay the full amount by this deadline shall constitute Late Fees. Payments may be made by cash, check, ACH or credit card (credit cards are subject to an additional 3% transaction fee).

LATE FEES for Non-Insurance Customers:

**We must receive payment within 7 days of emailing you your invoice. If we do not receive payment within 7 days the following Late Fees will be Applied:

10 Days Late: $100.00 Additional Fee

15 Days Late: $150.00 Additional Fee

20 Days Late: $200.00 Additional Fee

25 Days Late: $250.00 Additional Fee

30+ Days Late: To Be Determined

PAYMENT AGREEMENT for Repairs / Carpentry Work:

Someone will contact you from the office to pay your deposit of $500. This deposit locks in your start date with our company.

Payment 1: $500.00 locks in project start date on our company calendar (weather dependent)

Payment 2: You Agree to pay the remaining invoice in full “DUE ON RECEIPT” within 7 days of emailed copy of final invoice.

*If your repair exceeds $3,000, then we will require a $1,200 deposit upfront to lock in your start date on our calendar.

*If your repair is less than $950.00, then we will require a $250.00 deposit upfront to lock in your start date on our calendar.

On the day of your scheduled roof repair service, our crew will arrive around 8-9am to start the construction process.

PAYMENT AGREEMENT for Roof Replacements:

Someone will contact you from the office to pay your deposit of 10%. This deposit locks in your start date with our company.

Payment 1: Deposit payment Locks in Start Date on our company calendar (weather dependent)

Payment 2: You Agree to pay the remaining invoice in full, including any additional materials used to complete the job correctly within 7 days of emailed final invoice.

Payment options include:

 *Credit Card Transactions are subject to a 3% additional fee

*You can pay using ACH for no extra charge using your bank account and routing number

*Checks can be mailed to our office as well:

Please Make Checks Payable to Rescue Roofing

Please Mail Checks to: 5132 LAND O LAKES BLVD, STE 106, LAND O LAKES, FL 34639

Roof Replacement Delivery Schedule:

A day prior to your roof install date, some materials will be loaded to your roof and will sit there until the date of install. This delivery will come anytime between 12pm-3pm. If your roof replacement is scheduled for a Monday, then the materials will be dropped off the Friday prior to the appointment at 12pm-3pm. *Please have vehicles removed from the driveway during this time so a trailer can be dropped off. Also, on the day prior to your roof install, a dump trailer will be placed in your driveway between 4-6pm. If your roof replacement is scheduled for a Monday, then the dump trailer will be dropped off the Sunday prior to the appointment between 4-6pm. *Please have vehicles removed from the driveway during this time so a trailer can be dropped off. If for some reason the dump trailer needs delivered earlier then planned, you will receive a phone call 1 hour prior to delivery.

On the day of your scheduled roof replacement service, our crew will arrive around 7:30-8:30am to start the construction process.

Roof Replacement Wood Work Terms:

*Rescue Roofing will not stop the construction process for any bad plywood, fascia, decking, truss damage, etc. Rescue Roofing will repair any damaged wood work or roofing materials to bring the roof to current code at time of the roof tear off. If any bad wood or roofing materials were replaced, the customer agrees to pay Rescue Roofing in full for any additional roofing wood/ material fees. We cannot stop the construction process, due to permitting and building code regulations. These fees are outlined on your contract. In some cases, due to age and style of your home, wood work fees may not be outlined on this contract but are subject to billing after the customer has been notified. i.e: we state the cost of changing out 1/2″ plywood but if we ran into 1″-1 1/4″ plywood on your roof, we will charge accordingly. Same for fascia, truss work, cedar fascia, etc *Any additional wood work fees will be reflected on your final invoice, if there is any additional fees.

Fees are outlined on your estimate for additional wood work costs at the bottom portion of the estimate.

Additional Material Costs:

Additional Material Costs: Additional material costs will be outlined on your estimate. 


*Paint is not included for roof items like wood or flashing unless specified otherwise on this contract.

Board Foot Calculations Example:

90’ of 1×6 fascia replaced –    90x1x6= 540 /12= 45 x 9.50 = 427.50 total wood charge

40’ of 2×4 replaced –                40x2x4= 320 /12= 26.66  x9.50=  253.33 total wood charge

Cancellation of Service:

If you decide you do not wish to use Rescue Roofing for your roofing services, you must cancel your appointment within 10 business days of your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is not cancelled 10 days before your repair or re roof start date, a $200 cancellation fee will be applied for failure to notify our company plus any fees related to your roofing project. *Failure to notify our office of cancellation of your roof replacement may result in a restocking fee of 10% plus any other fees (i.e: permits, NOC recording, material order/ restock fee).

If you have already selected a shingle color and a material order was already placed, and elect to change your roof color, we must have a color change request 7 days prior to your roof install. This is to avoid restocking fees of 10% and to make sure the supply house has the new elected color available. If the new color is not available, you may elect to keep the original color ordered, or we can move your roof install to when the color will be readily available.

If you are cancelling your repair or re roof but you have already sent in a deposit to hold your place on our calendar, then you will need to contact our office between business hours to learn how to obtain a refund. If a refund is issued, we will mail out a check within 7 Business days.

Refunds will be issued in full or partial payments. If a partial refund is issued, Rescue Roofing will supply any receipts regarding the partial refund (such as permit fees, Notice of Commencement Fees, or Material restock fees.)

If you have any questions regarding your refund amount, you can contact our office. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm. We can be reached at 813.661.ROOF (7663).

Property Liens:

Rescue Roofing of Tampa, INC., has the right to place property Liens on any unpaid labor, services, or materials not paid within 30 days of service completion at the service address located on your contract.

Customers will be notified by email and phone that they have unpaid invoices after 10 days outstanding balances due and late fees may accrue. If the customer has still failed to pay their invoice after 45 days of an outstanding invoice, a notice of “property lien” will be mailed to the customer before 60 days outstanding invoice balance is reached. A certified U.S. Mail letter will provided to the customer as a notice of lien with all necessary documents enclosed.

Photos of Service :

Rescue Roofing of Tampa has outlined all additional wood work fees on our estimate and invoice contract. We take some general before and after photos of roofing repairs and replacements. If you need specific photos regarding your repair or replacement, please email or call us 5 days prior to your roofing service to make sure we get all photo documentations you have requested at the time of your service.

If we do not receive a call or email, you agree to pay Rescue Roofing of Tampa inc. in full within 7 days of your roofing service completion. 

We follow all local county guidelines and Florida building code installation instructions.

We do take some before, during and after photos of roofing products/services. 

If you need detailed woodwork photos, this is a special request. Call 813.661.ROOF 7663

We can also set aside any damaged wood so you can inspect it was damaged and needed replaced. Customers are responsible for disposal of wood placed aside for inspection. This is also a special request that needs to be called or emailed in a minimum of 5 days before your roof service is scheduled for repair or replacement.

Owens Corning Warranty:

Preferred Protection Limited Warranty- 10 Year Workmanship info:

*One time transferable warranty. Documents can be found at


Insurance Claims with Rescue Roofing:

*Deductibles can be paid by cash, check, Credit card + 3% transaction fee, money order or ACH.

Upgraded Materials:

*Any upgraded materials not outlined in this contract will be billed at an additional cost upon customer agreement. 

Payment: All depreciation and supplemental funds will be an additional cost which will be determined by your insurance company. A final bill reflecting a final balance due will be invoiced to your insurance company.  *Any Supplemental funds will be awarded to Rescue Roofing. 

Payments owed to Rescue Roofing:

Deductible Check: ____________________        *DUE AT TIME OF WAF FORM/CONTRACT SIGNING

1st Insurance Check:______________________ *DUE AT TIME OF RE ROOF INSTALLATION DAY

*Final Insurance Check including all supplemental funds will be owed to Rescue Roofing of Tampa, Inc.

Forms for Insurance Claims:

*Insurance Contract

*Work Authorization Form

*Insurance Breakdown


Insurance Wood Work- *Billed to insurance7