Support the Troops

Support your Troops! All proceeds will be matched by Rescue Roofing and will be donated to VetCatch. VetCatch is a Florida born organization dedicated to using fishing and boating to focus on physical and mental healing for our disabled veterans.  

Our goal is to give back to those who have served and protected our Country. Each donation will help active duty service members. Shirts are Adult Unisex sizes and can be purchased on our Facebook page. 

Shirts are available in Military Green or Black. 

Support Your Local Animal Shelters

Humane Society Pasco County, Florida

For several years Rescue Roofing of Tampa’s only focus has been providing families with an excellent quality roof over their head. Today we want to change that focus to not only the families in need of our help, but also the animals in our community.

Our local community animal shelters are struggling to help the animals of Pasco due to limited funds. Humane Society of Pasco needs donations to build a larger shelter and they are struggling to pay their monthly bills. Time is of the essence for the animals being sheltered there.

Animal shelters rely on our communities generosity to help save these animals. That is why Rescue Roofing and you need to help them!

In efforts to raise awareness – we are selling T-shirts on our Company Facebook Page/Store. Shirts are Available in Adult Unisex and Youth Unisex sizes. These shirts are normally solf for $19.99 but are on SALE for $14.99.

Our company will match the amount of proceeds made. Example: if we sell $500 in T-Shirts- we will donate an additional $500.

T-Shirt Proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Pasco County and Hannah’s House of Friends, Inc.  These are both non-profit organizations. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity- it will change a life!

These are some of the items our donation will go to:
-cleaning supplies
-new larger shelter (Humane Society of Pasco)
-and much more

Please Help Us, Help them. 

Available online. Please visit our Facebook SHOP to make your donation.