Finance Your Roof Project Today!

A new roof can be expensive! That is why we offer special Finance options.

Rescue Roofing now offers stress-free financing for roof projects in the Tampa Bay Area.

Get Pre-qualified today and funded as soon as tomorrow!

 Option 1:  Truist Service Finance Company, LLC


✓ Short-Term Financing (Starting at 0% interest)

✓ Long-Term Financing (9.99% interest)

✓ Same as Cash Offer Financing 

✓ Finance Plans Starting at 1-10 Years

✓ Investment Planning


I understand that if I apply for a loan through Truist Service Finance Company, LLC, that all loan information, loan processing and funds will be facilitated through Rescue Roofing of Tampa, INC, DBA “Rescue Roofing”. Funds will be awarded to Rescue Roofing in full upon completion of the project.


I understand that Rescue Roofing is acting as my loan advisor and will process my application on my behalf and that I will need to fill out documentation along with Rescue Roofing with a signed agreement to finalize the loan. If approved for a loan, I have the right to cancel my loan approval within 3 days of approval verification, otherwise I agree to pay the loan as described on my term.

Truist Service Finance Company , LLC., is an unsecured loan option and I understand the approval decision is based on my income verification and credit history.


I understand that the Truist Finance Company, LLC., will reach out to me once the loan is processed to setup a payment for the loan term. I understand that if I am not funded the project amount in full, then it’s my responsibility to pay out-of- pocket for any fees not covered under the loan amount (i.e- wood work fees). Rescue Roofing has the right to send in a change order per owners request to request additional loan funds if needed, to cover any additional materials that were unforeseen during the original estimation (i.e: wood work fees). However, if the change order is not approved, and additional funds cannot be obtained from Truist Service Finance Company, LLC., then it is my responsibility to pay Rescue Roofing these fees out of pocket using an alternative payment option. Failure to pay these fees may result in a lien for the unpaid roofing work.


To apply for a loan through Truist Finance Service, please contact our office or the representative who provided the estimate. We can setup an appointment to start the new loan application request. To reach the office, please call 813.661.ROOF 7663!





Option 2:  Hearth Financing



Why Should I Use Hearth Financing?


• Loans from $1,000 to $100,000

Terms from 2 -12 years 

FICO score as low as 500

• Payments starting at $150-$500 monthly
• Get Prequalified in less than 5 Minutes


Still Have Questions? 

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