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Leading the Way at Rescue Roofing

Collin Kruse, the contractor of Rescue Roofing of Tampa, INC, comes from a lineage of roofing experts, marking his business as a fourth-generation roofing enterprise. His inspiration into this industry stemmed from his family roots.

Growing up in a construction environment since childhood, surrounded by family members involved in contracting, Collin’s aspiration was always to become a contractor himself. Even as a young child, he was driven to mend things and relished the art of building.

His childhood paved the way for the thriving roofing company he manages today. While his family initially sparked his interest, his current mission is to aid other families in securing dependable homes with a sturdy roof.

Recognizing the significant impact of Florida storms and natural elements on the Tampa Bay Area, Collin endeavors to reassure families like yours of their safety, starting with the roof above their heads. His commitment lies in providing affordable roof repairs and replacements to families.

However, his aspirations extend beyond these services when it concerns your home.

Collin has crafted a company that instills trust and reliability. For a comprehensive view of the services offered by Rescue Roofing of Tampa INC, please refer to our service page.